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A Guide to Valorant Mouse Settings

A Guide to Valorant Mouse Settings

Gabriel Ionica


Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time playing first person shooters (FPS), knows how important proper mouse settings are.

Everyone plays differently and ensuring that the mouse settings match each play style is important to getting the best in-game performance. A good way to start when trying to find those mouse settings is by having a look at the settings of professional players.

Key Terms

When it comes to mouse settings, there are a few terms to be aware of. Let’s go over them for the players who might be new to FPS games.

  • DPI (dots per linear inch) – This is how sensitive a mouse is to movement. DPI determines how many inches (or centimeters) it takes for the in-game character to do a complete 360 turn. Some mice have dedicated software to set the DPI. Others, have a DPI button on the mouse itself for changing the setting on-the-fly.
  • Sensitivity – This is how fast the mouse moves on the screen. This should be changed both in-game and in the “Pointer Options” tab of the Windows Mouse Properties menu.
  • eDPI – Effective DPI is the DPI multiplied by the sensitivity.

The Pros’ Mouse Settings

The most trusted source on the mouse settings of pro players is prosettings.net. They recently released a graphic on Reddit summarizing the mouse settings of Valorant pros.

prosettings.net pros mouse settings averages

Some key takeaways here are the average and median eDPI. A 277 average eDPI roughly translates to around a 0.35 sensitivity in-game with 800 DPI. The 251 median DPI is even lower with around a 0.31 sensitivity in-game with 800 DPI.

The pro players with eDPI numbers on both extremes are Braxton “brax” Pierce of T1, with a 150 eDPI (0.377 sensitivity/400 DPI) and Stefan “1mpala” Ailazyan of forZe with a 788 eDPI (0.493 sensitivity/1,600 DPI).

Other well-known players like G2’s Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho has a 276 eDPI (0.690 sensitivity/400 DPI) and TSM’s Matthew “Wardell” Yu has a 260 eDPI (0.650 sensitivity/400 DPI).

It’s important to remember that not all players are the same. Just because one pro uses certain settings those may not be the right ones for you. Use these settings as a starting point and tune them accordingly to your liking.

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