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30Bomb Invitational Series #2 – Event Recap

30Bomb Invitational Series #2 – Event Recap

Richard Brown


The 30Bomb Invitational Series #2 finished on October 11th, with China Nguyen defeating Mamba Mode Gaming 2:0 in the grand final.

The participants of the event consisted of ten teams from the North American Region and took place from September 15 – October 12. The event featured a $3000 prize pool, with first-place receiving $1800. Second and third place took home $900 and $300 respectively.

The format of the event saw the ten teams play through a round-robin group stage, with all the matches being best-of-one (BO1). The top eight teams progressed through to a single-elimination playoffs bracket. All of the games in the playoffs consisted of best-of-three matches.

30Bomb Invitational Series #2 – Group Stage Results

China Nguyen topped the group stage with a 6-1 record, showing their dominance early on in the event. The positions from 4th-6th place were the most highly contested, with all three of these teams finishing the group stage with a 3-4 record. Out of Mamba Mode Gaming (MMG), Shiba, and SUPERFLY, MMG came out on top due to a higher round-differential. This granted them the fourth place in the initial stage of the event.

The last two teams were disqualified from the event, so the purpose of the group stage was to determine the seedings going into the playoffs bracket.

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30BOMB INVITATIONAL SERIES #2 – Playoffs Bracket

China Nguyen continued their impressive form from the group stage, winning every single match without dropping a map on their way to the grand final. Mamba Mode Gaming managed to mirror these results, also winning all of their matches without dropping any maps. However, China Nguyen was the superior team and defeated Mamba Mode Gaming 2:0 to win the event.

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Rise were able to defeat Shiba 2:0 in the third place playoff match, earning themselves $300 for their troubles.

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