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3 Cypher Trapwire Setups for Haven

3 Cypher Trapwire Setups for Haven

Richard Brown


Cypher’s Trapwire ability is one of his most valuable tools. Its main use is for stopping enemy pushes and watching flanks for valuable information. This guide demonstrates three Cypher Trapwire setups for Valorant’s map, Haven.

Cypher excels at gaining information without the risk of dying, and does so with the help of his Spycam and Trapwire abilities. This guide focuses on using the Trapwire ability to its highest potential by placing your tripwires in positions that enemies will not expect, or in positions that are difficult for enemies to destroy. By doing so, you will have an early warning on key areas of the map.

Due to the fact that Cypher is able to pick up and reuse the tripwires, there is almost no downside to setting up your tripwires before the round starts. If needed, you can always pick them up and reuse them mid-round. For this reason, having a few ‘go-to’ setups is a must for all Cypher players.

Cypher’s ‘Trapwire’ ability:

  • Places a destructible and invisible tripwire at the targeted location. This creates a line that spans between the placed location and the wall opposite. Enemy players who cross a tripwire will be tethered, revealed, and dazed after a short period if the device is not destroyed.
  • This ability can be picked up and reused if it has not been triggered or destroyed.
  • This ability costs 200 credits and you are able to purchase two of them.


A-site: This Trapwire setup will allow you to play behind the default box on A and focus your attention towards A-short while using your Spycam to spot A-long. Enemies will not be able to destroy these tripwires without fully committing to the site. If the enemy team uses smokes on the site, this will also allow you to spot players through the smokes if they step through the tripwires.

Cypher Trapwire Setups for Haven: A-site left
Image via Riot Games
A-site Default
Image via Riot Games

B-site: This is a very defensive setup for B, again, allowing you to play back behind the default box. The point of this setup would not be to prevent a spike plant, but rather to setup a swift retake scenario. From this position, you can punish players pushing through these tripwires, while waiting for your teammates to rotate in.

Cypher Trapwire Setups for Haven: B-site
Image via Riot Games

C-site: Similar to the other two setups, these tripwires are not placed in standard choke points. While it will be possible for the enemy team to plant the spike without setting these tripwires off, they will not be able to easily destroy them without fully committing to the site. From this position you will be able to position yourself behind the site box and punish enemy players who overextend themselves.

Cypher Trapwire Setups for Haven: C-site left
Image via Riot Games
C-site Right
Image via Riot Games

It’s always good to know as many different Trapwire setups as possible. Using the same setups over and over again will become less effective as the match progresses. Remember to switch it up to keep your opponents guessing.

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