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100 Thieves fined $5,000 by Riot; Coach FrosT on probation

100 Thieves fined $5,000 by Riot; Coach FrosT on probation

Gabriel Ionica


Earlier today, Riot Games released a competitive ruling in which 100 Thieves were fined $5,000 “for an extensive broadcast delay” and their coach was placed on probation for the duration of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Here’s What Happened

The situation started before the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals match between 100 Thieves and Immortals. According to Riot, 100 Thieves disagreed with the Tournament Official’s choice of servers and entered the in-game shooting range in order to prevent the game from starting. Head Coach Hector “FrosT” Rosario then joined a Discord voice channel to argue with a Tournament Official about the server decision and “treated the Tournament Official in an unprofessional manner.” Additionally, he reportedly threatened to leverage the players’ social media platforms against the Tournament Organizer and Riot Games.

A Riot Games employee had to join and de-escalate the situation, after which the game was able to start about an hour later.

100 Thieves responded to the situation in a tweet.

In the reply, 100 Thieves mentioned that in their previous match against TSM, the tournament organizer made a ruling about the servers that favored their opponent. That same decision was reportedly made in the match against Immortals, which “was in direct contradiction with the rules they cited previously in the TSM match.” After releasing the tweet, 100 Thieves released a video showcasing the team’s reaction to the server issue alongside FrosT‘s conversation with the Tournament Official.

The tweet further states that FrosT said “if you DC us, you are in a bigger shitstorm than we are,” but didn’t threaten anyone. 100 Thieves were led to believe that this was a small issue during the initial conversation with Riot Games about the event, and accepted the fine. They believe the issue was “blown out of proportion” and would have preferred for it to be kept private. In closing, the organization plans to pay the fine and move on.

Riot’s Reply to 100 Thieves

Riot released an edit to the official statement after 100 Thieves’s response. The edit says that “Three independent witnesses provided testimony that FrosT made a statement to this effect. When asked directly about it in an interview by Riot League Operations personnel, FrosT admitted that he made this statement. Although 100 Thieves provided Riot with a clip showing FrosT’s side of the conversation that does not include this statement, they declined to provide the full video to Riot.”

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